Time for a reminder that you are amazing, that you are beautiful, and that you are capable of so many things

Ladies, Time for Some 'Real Talk'

If the first thing you do when you look into the mirror or look at your work (whether it is professional or personal) is start finding faults, it might be time for a change.

It’s bad enough that as women we have pressures placed on us from multiple directions about the lives we “should” be living, but on top of that we are sometimes our own worst critics and even our own worst enemies!

How many days a week do you feel defeated and, if we are being honest, how much of that is self-inflicted?

Let’s change that in 2020. Let’s kickoff the year with you feeling more confident than you have in a long time! It’s time for a positive reminder to help fight back insecurities and self-doubt!

Vive Retreats is on a mission to help connect women looking for a change in their life, and looking to collaborate and support other women in the same process along the way!

The Retreats

Vive Retreats are for women ready to do some personal growth work and looking to increase self-confidence.

A combination of empowerment workshop, wellness retreat, and contemporary portrait sessions

Meant as a reminder that each of you is amazing, beautiful, and capable of changing the notions of what it means to be brave at work and at home

Activities centered around the Vive challenge

Helping you find meaningful ways to work towards personal or professional goals, and using mini challenges to strive for a life with more empathy, clearer boundaries, more self-confidence, and happiness

A good mix of learning, wellness, relaxation, and pampering

These transformational retreats are also about giving some much needed TLC to the mind and body, while also having gorgeous portraits taken of yourself that can be cherished forever

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Upcoming Retreats

Vive Focus: Self- Confidence

Jan 10-12, 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

Vive Focus: Rebuilding Trust

TBA February 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

Vive Focus: Motherhood

TBA June 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

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