Time for a reminder that you are amazing, that you are beautiful, and that you are capable of so many things

The Concept

Vive is a set of challenges inspired by ideas of different thought leaders and combined in a way that redefines what it means to be brave in this day and age. It is divided into two parts, each with 5 principles. 

The 10 principle challenges may not come easy but are meant to take courage and time to work towards living with more empathy, with boundaries, with more confidence, and with happiness.

The first is centered around taking a deeper look at what it means to stand up for yourself through setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and celebrating small wins.

The second focuses on standing up for others by leading with integrity and grace, helping and collaborating when opportunities present themselves, and staying humble and grateful to others.

The Retreats

As women, we are sometimes our own worst critics and even our own worst enemies, which is why from time to time we need positive reminders to fight back at our insecurities and self-doubt. Vive Retreats are about just that.

A combination of empowerment workshop and contemporary portrait sessions

Meant as a reminder that each of you is amazing, beautiful, and capable of changing the notions of what it means to be brave at work and at home

Activities centered around the Vive challenge

Helping you find meaningful ways to work towards any personal or professional goals you may have, while also spending some time having gorgeous portraits taken that can be cherished forever

A good mix of learning, wellness, relaxation, and pampering

The retreats are also about giving some much needed TLC to the mind and body

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Upcoming Retreats

Vive Retreat

Jan 10-12, 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

Vive: Cancer Recovery Retreat

TBA February 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

Vive: Mother and Daughter Retreat

TBA June 2020
The Laurel Oak Inn, Gainesville

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