Session Details for Next Upcoming Retreat:Jan 10-12, 2020 Focus: Increasing self-confidence at work and home

Friday Evening, Session 1: Tending your garden

Led by Julieanne McGuinness and Adrienne Fletcher

Self care is the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for the people you love. If you cannot fully love and take care of yourself, you can’t fully do to your highest potential for others.

In this session we explore the stories that we tell ourselves, about ourselves, about how others perceive us, and some of our fears and disappointments in order to begin to challenge our current mindset and mental blocks.

Saturday Morning, Session 2: Vision, Courage, & Potential -- Standing Up for Yourself

Led by Julieanne McGuinness

Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and
opportunities to live out those attitudes and beliefs.

The session will teach the tools needed to create the opportunity for consistent
visualization to train your mind, body, and spirit to manifest your goals and desires.

Saturday Afternoon, Session 3: Know Your Worth -- At Home & At Work

Led by Romana Jackson

Recognizing self-worth starts with redefining who you are and what you are capable of.

This session is all about learning to love who you are in this moment of life.

Sunday Morning, Session IV: SMART Goals

Led by Adrienne Fletcher

Goals can sometimes seem daunting and without proper preparation, one can easily lose momentum or motivation to see them through.

This working session will go through action planning steps that will help give the highest chance of achieving goals set through earlier parts of the retreat.

Bonus: Mini Personalized Portrait Session

Saturday afternoon, each participant will get a chance to get their hair and makeup done for a personalized mini portrait session. Use it as an excused to get glammed up in the front of the camera or update your headshots.

Upcoming Retreats

Jan 10-12, 2020

The Laurel Oak Inn
Gainesville, FL

Focus: Increased self-confidence at work and home

TBA February 2020

The Laurel Oak Inn
Gainesville, FL

Focus: Rebuilding trust

TBA June 2020

The Laurel Oak Inn
Gainesville, FL

Focus: Motherhood

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The Laurel Oak Inn

Gainesville, FL

Located just half a mile away from the beautiful Depot Park, the Laurel Oak Inn is in the heart of the Historic Bed and Breakfast District in Gainesville, Florida. Each room includes a private bathroom, wifi and flat-screen TV, ceiling fans, Swedish Tempur-Pedic mattresses dressed in Comphy sheets, luxury robes, toiletries, and a hair dryer. Unless otherwise noted, each retreat attendee will have their own room.

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